This club has been created by multiple breeders in the Pensacola and surrounding area. We wanted a place that other poultry lovers could come, join and learn. One thing all of us agreed on was getting our youth involved with the same love and passion that we all share. There are many local people in our area that have a interest of showing their birds, whether it be for bragging rights for "who has the best looking birds in the area" or if your just starting out and wanting a starting point. At the end of the day we all share the same goal and that's to learn and to teach. We are not pro's by all means however, we do have some in our group who want to share what they have learned and there is no better place to do that than here.

Are you interested in showing or being a vendor at our event? Send us a email now and we will send you a registration form.


When you sponsor Pensacola Poultry Club your helping to create a solid foundation for both adults and youth to come together to compete against and also providing show spots to youth who do not have their own poultry to show but take a huge interest and have birds donated to them to show from other breeders. Your also providing learning resources for those involved. There is a lot that goes into raising your own poultry and a lot of false information that is given out. We provide the proper education when it comes to health, raising and breeding poultry that meets the standards.  

Prices for sponsorship << business/breeder name published on website $10.00<< business/breeder name published on website and event $20.00<< 

To sponsor Pensacola Poultry Club or make a donation, please email pensacolapoultryclub@yahoo.com.